Summary – Anti Terror Narrative


  1. The 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is based upon Islamic injunctions and democratic values and a social contract between all Units of Pakistan that has been unanimously endorsed by the religious scholars of all schools of thought. Therefore, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, no law which is against the dictates of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah shall exist in Pakistan. Furthermore, in presence of this Constitution, no individual or group has the authority to instigate any armed activity against the state of Pakistan and its institutions.
  1. Use of force in the garb of implementation of Shari‘ah, armed struggle against the State or use of violence and terrorism to settle ethnic, geographical, religious and sectarian disagreements are contrary to the injunctions of Shari‘ah. Defiance against the Constitution of Pakistan and imposition of one’s ideology on others by force are also against the teachings of Shari‘ah and tantamount to creating disorder in the country and a national crime as per the law and the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. For the stability and defence of Pakistan all such anarchistic tendencies should be rooted out; therefore, it is imperative that all possible administrative, educational, intellectual and defensive measures are taken.
  1. Construction of Pakistani society, in the light of the Constitution of Pakistan is needed where the trends of hatred, bigotry, intolerance and false accusation are curbed and resultantly a society is formed that rejoices tolerance, brotherhood, mutual respect and offers a comprehensive system of justice.

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